Illustrated coloring book Fairytales

illustration, editorial a.k.a The Boat is a self-publishing house where all “A woman, a designer, an illustrator, an artist, and a mother meet and in this experimentation, creation of books, posters, cards, notebooks, and other inventions – with the heart and the thought of human and nature. –by Asya Koleva

My Mission: To create a kid’s book with stickers for coloring with popular characters from different fairytales. I had a lot of freedom given by my client to create all heroes, objects and all I want. Researched many kids’ books and movies and I was mainly inspired by the Brothers Grimm — Grimms‘ Fairy Tales and Disney movies.
All characters-cartoons are originally made by me, hand-drawn, and scanned on Pc.

The book contains more than 70 stickers and 4 double pages color backgrounds.

Photography ©Veliana Ivanova

My role:
• Creative
• Design
• illustration
• pre-press