Labels for Devin spring bottle

editorial design and illustration

DEVIN is the leading bottled water company in Bulgaria. All sources and the bottling facility are based in the ecologically clean and pure region of Devin, in the heart of the Rhodopi mountains. The company’s mission is to contribute to a healthy lifestyle through the production and distribution of high-quality soft drinks.

Mission: Devin Spring belongs to the category Spring Water. It is characterized by a constant composition, low mineralization, and the unique balance of minerals, which give exceptional lightness and tenderness to the taste. It is suitable for everyday use and is recommended for consumption by pregnant women, babies, young children, people doing sport.
That’s why Devin contacted me to make them a set of 5 illustrations describing their mission and combine it in my style and vision.

I’ve created 5 labels for their 750ml sports bottle with the topics: family walk in the park, badminton time, yoga practice, hiking in the mountain, family picnic.

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